Artwork check

Having print files checked

If you would like your print files checked, you can request the artwork check additional option during the order process on the product page.

With this fee-based service, we will check your print files based on specific technical criteria and will make modifications if necessary (e.g. adding a missing bleed). If we cannot use your print files, we will contact you via e-mail. Production will start after you have corrected the print files.

Note: We do not check for spelling mistakes and typesetting errors.

The advantages of the artwork check at a glance:

  • Professional quality check according to special criteria
  • Assistance correcting the print files
  • Notification in case of need for optimisation

What will be checked in the artwork check?


Is the resolution sufficient?


Has the bleed been designed correctly?

Format/format deviations

Does the format of your print files match the format of the product ordered in the online shop?

Comments/form fields

Are there any comments?
Solution: All comments will be discarded.

Are there completed form fields?
Solution: The content of the form fields will be converted into printable content.


Have all the fonts been embedded or converted to paths?

Please note that modifications on print files may lead to delays in production and delivery times if the checked criteria do not comply with our data requirements.