Font size

Please make sure to use a sufficient size and width for fonts when creating your design.

Please also observe the notes on line weight and the information under “Data info” on the product pages in our online shop.

Embed fonts or convert to paths

All fonts must be embedded completely or as subgroups in the print file or be converted to paths to avoid representation problems with spacing (space between characters) or the type face. This also applies to standard fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman or Verdana.

Designing black font correctly

This achieves the best results: 

  • Black running text: Cyan 0 %, Magenta 0 %, Yellow 0 %, Key 100 %
  • Rich black for areas or large fonts: Cyan 40 %, Magenta 20 %, Yellow 20 %, Key 100 % or Cyan 50 %, Magenta 50 %, Yellow 30 %, Key 100 %

Important note on black text smaller than 12 pt:

Black text with a font size of below 12 pt will be set automatically to “overprint”.