New: stickers in 3D look, white print and custom shape

Stickers and labels are low-priced and can be used effectively for various occasions. Whether to label goods or promotions, to show the way on floors and windows or simply as give-aways at events or mailing – stickers are the perfect way to showcase your promotional messages and impress your target audience. 

To really stand out: Clear promotional stickers with white print 

You can now print clear stickers also with white design elements. This is a great way to make colours appear particularly vivid or create designs for dark backgrounds.

Let's get 3D: doming labels with 3D effect

Thanks to the applied synthetic resin layer, doming labels get a brilliant 3D look. What is more, they are scratch and wet resistant and UV stable. This gives them long durability and makes them ideal to apply to surfaces that are difficult to adhere to.

You need more freedom of design: Custom-shaped labels

Did you know? You can add emphasis to your marketing message by specifying custom shaped labels. Whether in the shape of a stop sign, coat of arms or heart – set up contour cutting in your artwork to make your creative ideas come to life and design truly unique labels. 


Our online shop also provides: classic promotional stickers, vegan stickers, neon stickers, address labels and floor decals – for advertising messages that stick.