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Onlineprinters and Gmund present their own paper collection


We are excited to introduce our first own paper collection. We have teamed up with paper manufacturer Gmund to create four unique papers, the "Onlineprinters Art Classics", now available in the stationery and business cards section. These high-quality papers were named after style defining art periods: "Renaissance", "Baroque", "Rococo" and "Modern Art". The illustrious names were inspired by the collection's special qualities which are characterised by unique combinations of colours, paper weights and surface structures developed specifically for Onlineprinters.

The Onlineprinters Art Classics

Renaissance (Gmund)

The classy paper inspires with its warm light-grey colour and very fine embossed vertical lines on the front and reverse side of the paper.

Baroque (Gmund)

The surface of the paper has a horizontally ripped structure on one side. The soft light yellow lends "Baroque" a sunny and exceptional character. Thanks to the expressive surface texture, the print result closely matches that of coated paper. Moreover, "Baroque" is pH neutral and acid-free, making it particularly resistant against ageing.

Rococo (Gmund)

"Rococo" has an extravagantly embossed eye-catching texture: Soft horizontal lines with 1 mm spacing and subtle vertical lines in a distance of approx. 26 mm create the unique touch and feel of "Rococo". Combined with the soft pink colour, this playful paper is a revelation.

Modern Art (Gmund)

The icy white "Modern Art" paper signals timeless elegance and futuristic modernity. "Modern Art" inspires with its ultra-fine dotted surface and subtle gloss. The paper has a slight blue tinge and is pH neutral.

Discover the unique qualities of the "Onlineprinters Art Classics" collection. The four premium papers are available for business cards (4/0 and 4/4) sized 8.5 x 5.5 cm and 9.0 x 5.0 cm and for letterheads in the formats A4, A5 and DL – quality business supplies that create a lasting impression of quality.

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