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Carbon neutral shipping

Every year more than one million parcels are dispatched to our customers throughout Europe. That makes about two parcels per minute. 

Our shipping provider DPD is a strong partner when it comes to our crucial concern of environmental protection. DPD guarantees carbon neutral transportation of each parcel. To achieve a carbon neutral shipping DPD has taken several internal measures, as for example reduction of carbon emission and the compensation of remaining emission through certified climate projects within the Emission Trading System (ETS). In addition to the reduction of electricity use in the DPD depots, and the use of electric and natural gas vehicles, DPD is supporting a national biogas plants programme in Cambodia through emissions trading.

Transport packaging

For transport packages, we use licensed, recyclable packaging materials. We use custom-made boxes for all our print products that are as small as possible so as to keep the volume of packaging to a minimum. 

Our partner in cardboard packaging is Hein Verpackungen GmbH. They manufacture the cardboard boxes and charge the respective costs to RESY GmbH. RESY guarantees the entire disposal and material recycling of all transport and secondary packaging made of paper and cardboard marked with the RESY symbol. The application of the RESY symbol ensures compliance with the regulations for transport packaging as per the German Packaging Ordinance. The packages of envelopes and jiffy bags are delivered to us directly from the paper manufacturer. This means that the paper manufacturer is the "first distributor" who pays the respective fees to the relevant authorities.