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How do I determine the creep for brochures?

To prevent that objects near the edge such as page numbers, lines and other elements are cut off or are positioned too closely to the edge of the page, you should already allow for the creep when creating print data.

The creep in brochures occurs through folding.

You can calculate the creep using the following formula:

creep = number of pages of the inner section : 4 x paper weight: 1000


Brochures with 48 pages in the inner section and a paper weight of 135 g/m²

Creep = 48 pages : 4 x 135 g/m² : 1000 = 1.62 mm ≈ 1.6 mm

The 48 pages force approx. 1.6 mm paper outward in the middle of the brochures. If the stack is folded, the inner pages will be forced outward by the value of approx. 1.6 mm. When the brochure is subsequently cut off, the inside pages will be 1.6 mm shorter than those on the outside. This can be seen in particular in elements such as page numbers located close to the edge.

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