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What is a bleed?

The bleed serves as a tolerance for cutting your products in the production process. Find more information under Print files → Data check and data requirements.

What is checked in the data check?

The data check serves to check your print files with respect to their essential features. To find out what exactly they are, go to Print files → Data check and data requirements.

Can I exchange my print files?

With the sending of your printable data, your order is already allocated to the production line. This is an automated technical process enabling us to deliver your order as quickly as possible. Please understand that we cannot manually intervene in the production line from this point on. If not already done, you will get a confirmation from us about when the order will be handed over to the shipping service.

What is CMYK? What is RGB? What is HKS?

Your print data should be created in CMYK colour mode. This mode is the technical basis for the modern 4-colour print. Find more information on the procedure under Print files → Data check and data requirements → Colour mode/colour range.

What is the maximum color application?

The maximum total colour application is derived from the sum of the individual colour channels: Colour application = C + M + Y + K. Find details under Print files → Data check and data requirements → Colour application.

Which file formats can I submit?

You can submit the following file formats to us: PDF, TIFF, JPG. Under Print files → Data check and data requirements → File formats we have compiled information regarding the individual file formats.

What should be the minimum resolution of my data?

To avoid quality loss, your data should (with minor exceptions) have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi in the original size. Find details under Print files → Data check and data requirements → Resolution.

What are the data requirements of Onlineprinters? 

The data requirements differ from product to product. You can check the data requirements of your desired product on each product page under the "Details" tab.

How can I get a double-sided print? What does 4/4 colour mean? 

4/4 colour means that the product is printed double-sided (front and back) in 4-colour print (CMYK). The modern 4-colour print enables nearly the whole range of colours to be produced. 4/0 accordingly means printing on one side only. If, for instance, you would like your flyer to be printed in 4/4 colour, simply upload two files or one double-sided PDF file.

4 colours are not enough for me, I want it colourful

4-colour means four-colour print CMYK. Any colour you like can be mixed from the four basic colours Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow and Key (black). 4-colour print is "colour print" because up to 16 million different colour shades can be generated by it.

To whom can I send my print files?

Directly after concluding your order, you will be directed on to the data upload section. If you want to do this at a later point in time, use the link in your confirmation e-mail or go to Print files → Data upload. Here you will need your order number.

My upload does not work, what can I do?

It is very difficult to find out by remote diagnosis why the data upload currently does not work. Please make sure you are using a current browser. It may also help to change browsers (Mozilla Firefox / Chrome). Should the upload still not work, please contact us under Contact → General inquiry.

Do I get a clearance PDF?

After sending your order, you do not get a clearnace PDF from us. If your data are correct, the order will go into production immediately.

When can I upload the data?

You can upload your data directly after placing your order. Find more information under Support/FAQ → Placing an order/Shop features.

Does Onlineprinters design print material for me?

In German-language online shops, we offer you our design service at an extra charge. This service is available to design your data completely or to provide support in your design. Find out more in your customer account under "Design enquiry".

Can I upload multi-page PDF files?

Multi-page PDF files are no problem as long as they correspond with the desired number of pages.

I have problems with my Internet browser.

If you have problems loading the pages of our shop, we recommend you proceed as follows: Update your browser to the current version, activate JavaScript, and clear your cache and cookies. Alternatively, you can use a different browser.

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