You can now order custom premium hoodies in our web shop and personalise them – minimum quantity: 75. The hoodies are suitable for many different purposes, such as corporate wear, club wear or merchandise. The unisex sweatshirts are available in different sizes. The thick, premium sweat fabric is comfortable to wear and is superior to standard promotional pullovers. Combined with our low prices, you will hardly find hoodies of similar quality in the market.

Unique hoodies with high-quality finishing

Create your own fashion label

Become a fashion designer and configure personalised hoodies: Choose the colour combination of the hoodies and specify the finishing method for the design(s) on the sweatshirts. Personalise more details such as eyelets, hood cords and labels.

Which details of the hoodies can be personalised?

Hoodies for any occasion

Order samples

You want to get an idea of the clothing sizes, material quality, application types and colour reproduction? Then order our hoodie sample set which you can find in the lower section of the hoodie product page.

Frequently asked questions

What is a hoodie?

Premium quality hoodies

Don't wait any longer – design your own individual hoodies now and add personal details.

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