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Overview of photo wallpaper

  • Printable non-woven wallpaper
  • Paper weight: approx. 295 gsm
  • Available types: Wet adhesive with a subtle structure and self-adhesive with a smooth surface
  • Photo-realistic print
  • Delivered in lengths of 60 cm
  • For indoor use
  • Flame retardant (B1 certification)
Photo wallpaper, wet adhesive

Properties of photo wallpaper

We offer two different types of wallpaper: wet adhesive with a subtle structure similar to woodchip and self-adhesive wallpaper with a smooth surface
Both versions are sturdy, dimensionally stable, non-toxic and abrasion-resistant. The wallpaper is printed with water-proof UV inks for up to two years of lightfastness. The colours are vibrant and brilliant; the image is printed in photo-realistic quality. The wallpaper is delivered in 60 cm lengths printed with an overlap of 1 cm.
The wet adhesive wallpaper can be applied to the clean and smooth wall using commercially available adhesive for non-woven wallpaper either with standard wallpaper tools or manually. The self-adhesive wallpaper requires no glue, but the wall should be primed before application.

The wallpaper can be removed dry or painted over. It can be used in all indoor rooms: as photo wallpaper at home, in the office, in meeting rooms or as advertising space. They are also great as eye-catching elements in stores, restaurants or at exhibitions.

Photo wallpaper, wet adhesive

Characteristics of photo wallpaper

Our wet adhesive wallpaper has an embossed, slightly glossy surface comparable to woodchip. Due to its subtle structure, the material feels coarse and has a dull look.

In contrast, the surface of the self-adhesive wallpaper is smooth and without structure.
Both types of wallpaper are opaque and scratch-resistant.

Expert opinion

"Interior design is getting increasingly more important both at the point of sale and in the private sphere. Good old photo wallpaper is in vogue again. You can order your desired motif custom-fit for your wall."

Lukas Fuhrmann – Shift Supervisor in Large Format Printing at Onlineprinters

Tips on choosing photo wallpaper

For which applications is photo wallpaper suitable?

Our wallpaper is suitable for indoor use only. The wall must be even, clean and free from dust. Any old wallpaper residues must be removed completely. Holes or uneven wall surfaces should be sealed with plaster and smoothed. 

The wet adhesive wallpaper can be applied using commercially available adhesive for non-woven wallpaper. You can use standard wallpaper tools.

When hanging the self-adhesive wallpaper, we recommend applying a suitable primer in addition to the above preparations.

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