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Overview of weather-proof board

  • Available in 750 gsm
  • Coated on one side
  • Matt and smooth surface
  • White board with film coating 
  • Made of recycled material
  • Lightfast and weather-resistant


Our weather-proof board withstands nearly any weather: Whether sun, rain or wind – the film coated board is weather-resistant and looks good for several weeks and longer. For one thing, this is due to the film coating of the weather-proof board which is made of environmentally friendly recycled material. What is more, we use special poster inks to yield a lightfast and non-fading print result.

Weather-proof board

The ideal advertising medium for your out-of-home marketing campaign

The film coating gives the weather-proof board a smooth surface feel. Rain and other liquids simply roll off the surface, protecting the design against water damage. The weather-proof board is especially sturdy thanks to its high paper weight. Glue can be easily applied to the back.

Expert opinion

"Out-of-home advertising is still relevant when it comes to reaching target groups on the go. Weather-proof board is a reliable material for your outdoor advertising campaign because water will simply roll off the surface."

C. Assayag-Zimmermann – Marketing Manager France at Onlineprinters

Tips on choosing weather-proof board

What's the difference between weather-proof board and blue back paper?

Both paper stocks are suitable for outdoor advertising. However, weather-proof board and blue back paper have different material properties. Blue back paper only repels water, whereas weather-proof board does not absorb any water for some time. The blue reverse is ideal for wet gluing and prevents show-through from previous posters. Heavier weather-proof board is ideal to mount advertising posters to trees and street lamps in a durable manner.

For which type of poster advertising is weather-proof board suitable?

Weather-proof board is great for outdoor poster advertising to last several weeks. The out-of-home material is lightfast, non-fading and weather-resistant. With the sufficient paper weight, it has high dimensional stability and can be fastened to construction fences, street lamps or trees without further accessories.

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