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How to create UV coating

Add another colour field in the layout program and assign the respective colour to the desired (possibly duplicated) design elements.

  • Swatch name: “coating"
  • Colour type: spot colour
  • Colour mode: 100 % Cyan

Please observe the following when creating design elements:

  • Line weight: min. 3 pt (1.06 mm)
  • Font size: min. 14 pt (thinnest line in the typeface: min. 1 mm)
  • Space between elements of the relief varnish: min. 3 pt (1.06 mm)
  • Distance to the final format and all punched, grooved and creased lines: min. 3 mm
  • Due to the coating, colours may appear differently.
  • All elements to be UV coated must be set to “overprint”.

You need help with creating the individual design elements?

Our “How to set up spot finish in my artwork files” tutorial shows you how to correctly create elements and layers in InDesign using the example of silver finished design elements.