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To maintain a high quality standard in printing, not only the image reproduction matters. Other factors such as trimming, folding, stitching and adhesive binding also contribute to creating a top-quality print result. As one of the first print shops in Europe, Onlineprinters has had its postpress processes certified according to ProcessStandard Offset (PSO) in addition to the printing processes. 

This certification program is compliant with the international standard ISO 16762:2016. An auditor of Ugra, the Swiss Center of Competence for Print and Media Technology, inspected our production for the specific requirements of the postpress processes of printed material and found Onlineprinters to fully satisfy all criteria. 

By pioneering in this domain, Onlineprinters has made a relevant contribution to standardization and quality assurance in postpress operations. This will inspire other print companies to undergo PSO certification, too. 

Which role does the certification play?


An Onlineprinters employee checks the quality of the fold.

Postpress, also called further processing, refers to the production steps after printing. While one-sided flyers are merely cut, more complex products such as brochures need to be folded, stitched or glued. Other postpress steps include perforating, laminating and punching.


During PSO certification, various factors are audited such as the correct labelling for cutting, folding and assembling the print sheets. The requirement criteria also include dry and abrasion-resistant printing inks, a quality assurance system and clean workstations. 

Given the sheer mass of orders which Onlineprinters receives every day, we introduced standardized and efficient processes for print production already at an early stage in order to be able to put our customers' wishes into print quickly and in high quality. By doing so, we assure consistently high-quality printings. Our customers receive premium products quickly and reliably and also reorders are comparable to the original order in terms of colour and design.