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Information about production and delivery times:
Our production facilities are closed on 2020-05-21. This may prolong delivery times by 2 to 3 additional workdays. Our customer service will also not be available on this day.
We will be available for you again starting 2020-05-22. We ask for your understanding.

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We do not deliver to:

(GB) Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Channel Islands, British sovereign territories on Cyprus.


A neutral shipment to an alternative delivery address directly to your end customer is possible within the UK. During the ordering process you can choose an individual return address which will be printed on the delivery note and on the shipping label. The invoice will be sent to you by e-mail.



All product prices include free standard shipping via DPD*.

Standard shipping takes approx. 2 working days. In the event of very heavy or high-volume orders (on pallets) up to 5 additional working days, to the northern parts of the UK up to 6 days, must be added.

*Depending on the product ordered, we will ship your parcels with other shipping partners in individual cases.



The surcharge for express shipping is calculated on the basis of individual order items and is listed separately during the ordering process. The table below lists the prices.

After the production process is completed, the product is delivered on the next working day. In the event of very heavy or high-volume orders (on pallets) up to 4 additional working days, to the northern parts of the UK up to 5 days, must be added.


Limiting the parcel weight to 15 kg

We send parcels weighing up to 30 kg with standard shipping. For a small surcharge, you can choose to have your order shipped in lighter parcels weighing up to 15 kg in the shopping cart during checkout. These parcels are easier to handle. 

The surcharge for this option is displayed at the end of the ordering process. The prices are listed in the table below. This option is not available for all products.



We avoid keeping different items from different production lines waiting for each other in our shipping department. Once a finished item arrives in our in-house shipping department, it is immediately processed. Combined shipment is therefore not possible.

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Overview of shipping costs

Net shipping costs

all prices in GBP (£), excl. VAT

Weight up toStandard (DPD)Express (UPS)
5 kg0,0019,99
10 kg0,0019,99
15 kg0,0019,99
20 kg0,0019,99
25 kg0,0019,99
30 kg0,0019,99
35 kg0,0029,99
40 kg0,0029,99
45 kg0,0029,99
50 kg0,0029,99
60 kg0,0029,99
70 kg0,0045,99
80 kg0,0045,99
90 kg0,0045,99
100 kg0,0059,99
110 kg0,0059,99
120 kg0,0059,99
130 kg0,0075,99
140 kg0,0075,99
150 kg0,0075,99
160 kg0,0089,99
170 kg0,0089,99
180 kg0,0089,99
190 kg0,00105,99
200 kg0,00105,99
210 kg0,00105,99
220 kg0,00119,99
230 kg0,00119,99
240 kg0,00119,99
250 kg0,00135,99
260 kg0,00151,99
270 kg0,00151,99
280 kg0,00151,99
290 kg0,00151,99
300 kg0,00151,99
310 kg0,00181,99
320 kg0,00181,99
330 kg0,00181,99
340 kg0,00181,99
350 kg0,00181,99
360 kg0,00181,99
370 kg0,00181,99
380 kg0,00181,99
390 kg0,00181,99
400 kg0,00181,99
410 kg0,00219,99
420 kg0,00219,99
430 kg0,00219,99
440 kg0,00219,99
450 kg0,00219,99
460 kg0,00219,99
470 kg0,00219,99
480 kg0,00219,99
490 kg0,00219,99
500 kg0,00219,99
600 kg0,00219,99
700 kg0,00307,99
800 kg0,00351,99
900 kg0,00395,99
1000 kg0,00439,99
> 1000 kg0,00659,99

Net shipping costs for 15 kg parcels

all prices in GBP (£), excl. VAT

Weight up toStandard (DPD)Express (UPS)
20 kg9,9935,99
25 kg9,9935,99
30 kg9,9935,99
35 kg9,9951,99
40 kg9,9951,99
45 kg9,9951,99
50 kg17,9973,99
60 kg17,9973,99
70 kg17,9987,99
80 kg27,99109,99
90 kg27,99109,99
100 kg27,99125,99
110 kg35,99147,99
120 kg35,99147,99
130 kg35,99161,99
140 kg45,99183,99
150 kg45,99183,99
160 kg45,99199,99
170 kg53,99221,99
180 kg53,99221,99
190 kg53,99235,99
200 kg63,99257,99
210 kg63,99257,99
220 kg63,99273,99
230 kg71,99295,99
240 kg71,99295,99
250 kg71,99309,99
260 kg33,99185,99
270 kg33,99185,99
280 kg33,99185,99
290 kg37,99189,99
300 kg37,99189,99
310 kg37,99219,99
320 kg41,99223,99
330 kg41,99223,99
340 kg41,99223,99
350 kg45,99225,99
360 kg45,99225,99
370 kg45,99225,99
380 kg49,99229,99
390 kg49,99229,99
400 kg49,99229,99
410 kg51,99271,99
420 kg51,99271,99
430 kg51,99271,99
440 kg57,99275,99
450 kg57,99275,99
460 kg57,99275,99
470 kg59,99279,99
480 kg59,99279,99
490 kg59,99279,99
500 kg63,99283,99
600 kg75,99295,99
700 kg87,99393,99
800 kg101,99453,99
900 kg113,99509,99
1000 kg125,99563,99
> 1000 kg189,99849,99