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Digital printing

State-of-the-art printing technology is used in digital printing as well. This allows us to produce custom-ordered short runs in top quality in a quick and flexible manner at reasonable prices. The production is very eco-friendly because of the fact that digital printing does not require printing plates and hardly any wastepaper is created when setting up the machine.

We offer very short print runs of flyers, business cards, small-sized posters, brochures, adhesive-bound catalogues, neon stickers and calendars in various sizes up to DIN-A3 format. We print on a variety of materials, ranging from art print paper to forgery-proof paper, and different types of adhesive paper. Transparent materials are also an option.

The Indigo 7500 by HP produces short-run print jobs in a quality similar to offset printing. As in offset printing, the liquid ink is applied evenly on the respective substrate using a rubber blanket which yields a rich and homogenous colour application. The permanent, automatic calibration furthermore ensures brilliant colours and high colour stability even for follow-up orders.