21 November 2022 will soon trigger the football mania again – kick-off will be at 11:00 a.m. German time. Whether you watch the games on your TV at home, in your local pub or at a live open-air screening, the cheers will be heard around the globe. Draw your customers’ and partners’ attention to your company with the World Cup 2022 fixture schedules from ONLINEPRINTERS.

Although you may be full of anticipation, you should carefully adhere to the legal specifications when designing your fixture schedules. Among other things, you must be extremely careful when using official logos, emblems and fonts protected by FIFA. For instance, you cannot use “WM 2022™” and “Qatar 2022™”.

Design individual World Cup 2022 fixture schedules online

We recommend you use our Online Design Tool to create an individual World Cup fixture schedule. Here, you can select an image from our cooperation with the Shutterstock image database or one from your archives. You can also include your logo easily and without this requiring an additional programme. Just try it out.


Design fixture schedule online

Download World Cup 2022 fixture schedules for free

Consistent with the World Cup, you can also download our World Cup 2022 fixture schedules free of charge as a printable PDF. The fixture schedules are sorted by groups and chronological order of the matches. There is also plenty of space to put down the score after each game.

Choose a suitable format for your World Cup 2022 fixture schedule: A1 or A2. After downloading, you can include your own logo and have us print it.

A1 fixture schedule  A1 fixture schedule  A1 fixture schedule

A2 fixture schedule  A2 fixture schedule  A2 fixture schedule


Status: 02.09.2022

Paper types

You should pay particular attention to the paper type when ordering. Do you want a certain gloss or high-contrast designs? Then we recommend that you use art print paper. However, if you want to record scores on the fixture schedules, we recommend offset paper. Paper weight is just as important. To ensure that the fixture schedule is stable and still easy to roll, a grammage of 150 g/m² is best. If you prefer a more stable design, similar to cardboard, we recommend 250 g/m². For more information, please see our Material Guide.

Sources: fifa.com

Credits: Shutterstock, Bplanet