Poster advertising – effective and up-to-date

Our day-to-day lives expose us to advertising constantly. This is why posters are so successful and their impact can be maximised with some clever planning – also with small marketing budgets.

Graffiti fonts: download free hip-hop fonts

Graffiti is loud and colourful. Fonts that mimic these sprayed writings are also very fancy. We present our favourite fonts for commercial use – including free downloads.

The best fonts for applications – professional and easy to read

An application is the first impression a future employer has of you and therefore it should be carefully drafted. Whether or not you will be invited to a job interview not only depends on the content of your application. The visual appearance is as important and consequently the font you choose. Read on to learn what to pay attention to and which fonts are suitable to create a professional job application.

Content marketing – creating targeted content

Content Marketing has become indispensable but sometimes it’s just too much. Too much content that misses the mark overwhelms consumers and decision-makers. If you want to reach your target group, you have to create targeted content.

Making a background transparent in Photoshop – Basics Tutorial

You have successfully cut out an image but what to do next? How can you make a background transparent in Photoshop? In our tutorial, you will learn how to save subjects with a transparent background and edit them in Photoshop.

Ten hot handlettering fonts from Google

Top view of table with elements for scrapbooking, tools for decoration and handmade albums and hands of master.

Handlettering fonts have an idiosyncratic character and emphasise the design that deals with very personal themes. We present the ten best handlettering fonts by Google that you can download and use for free.

Euro 2021: fixtures templates for your marketing

Football fever has gripped Europe. We provide you with important information as well as fixtures templates for Euro 2021 to boost your marketing campaigns and raise awareness for your company.

Event planning: Make your event run smoothly and safely

Running events successfully takes time and nerves. To avoid chaos on the day of the event, you should rely on strategic event planning from the very beginning. We have some useful tips and tricks that will help your event run smoothly.

Create PDFs – with online and offline programs

Whether for sharing, archiving or printing – PDF is the most suitable exchange format for many cases. But what is the best and fastest way to create a PDF from a file?

“The Lord of the Ring” fonts straight from Middle-earth

“The Lord of the Rings” font is as well-known as Tolkien’s books and the spectacular film adaptations. Read on to learn how to use these fonts and what other fonts Middle-earth has in store.