Head-turning poster fonts

Fonts for posters and large-format advertising have to be bold and easy to read. Ideally, they should be legible from a distance to draw maximum attention to the message. Read on to learn which free fonts meet these criteria.

Cinemagraphs: How to create animated photos for successful advertising

The art of cinemagraphs is currently being rediscovered as a popular medium for advertisers. The animated pictures create a stunning WOW effect for little money. They bring photos to life by incorporating moving elements. In this article you will learn how to get photos in motion and which advertising channels are ideal to share cinemagraphs.

Useful photography apps: from subject planning to smart retouch

Apple and Google offer a variety of photo and image editing apps in their stores. There are many practical apps for photographers to prepare a shooting, provide tips, inspiration and support. Smart image editing apps are even capable of turning a flawed photo into an acceptable shot.

How to smooth edges in Photoshop – Basics Tutorial

Selecting and extracting elements such as people or objects is one of the basic functions in Photoshop. However, when done in a hurry, the edges may not be detected properly and look jagged and pixelated as a result. Photoshop provides some useful setting options to soften the transition between edge pixels. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use them.

Adored by children and adults: outlined fonts

Most children do not enjoy long waits at the restaurant table or in the doctor’s waiting room. Keep your children entertained and make waiting fun with free colouring pictures and fonts.

Rotating PDFs: Adjusting the view and format in a breeze

Your PDF file is upside down, shows white edges or does not have the desired size? No problem! In our practice guide, we will show you how to rotate PDF documents quickly and easily – with or without an online tool.

How to sharpen photos with the high pass filter – Photoshop Basics Tutorial

Edit your photos to create stunning images and upgrade holiday shots or smartphone photos with the sharpening function. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the high pass filter to sharpen photos you have taken and find the optimal sharpness level for your subject.

Easy-to-read fonts for body text

Good font legibility is especially important for large amounts of text. We have put together a small selection of free serif typefaces which shows that there is a lot of variety in this font class.

Photoshop Blur – Basics Tutorial

The Photoshop blur tools allow images to be edited professionally with just a few clicks. The effect creates a new mood in photos or shifts the focus to a certain area. As a result, you don’t need expensive camera equipment to take professionally looking photos. In this tutorial, you will learn how to apply the Gaussian blur to backgrounds to put the subject in the foreground into greater focus.

Download free versatile Christmas fonts

All the following fonts can be downloaded for free from the corresponding platforms. We also include a brief overview of licensing information with each font. If you like the font, read the license specifications in detail to assure the font’s unlimited use for your purposes.