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Typography is everything. On the quest for inspiration and new trends, we regularly present exciting projects and tips regarding font impact and layout challenges in InDesign and other programs. Also benefit from our continuously growing collections of fonts for various occasions.

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Metallica font: download heavy metal fonts

The iconic Metallica font is recognised immediately and no longer hyped just by fans. We show you how and where to create your own logo that rocks.

Harry Potter typeface – download magical fonts

A lot of fans would die to get their hands on the "real" Harry Potter font. Unfortunately, it is not available but the internet provides a number of adequate alternatives which will be presented in this article.

Ten hot and free Google script fonts

Looking for free cursive fonts? Then take a look at our roundup. We have put together ten hot Google script fonts for you.

3D fonts to boost brand awareness

Eye-catching 3D fonts increase brand awareness. Read on to learn which (free) fonts exists and how to create your own 3D fonts.

Using fonts | Small characters with a big impact

Letters form words. Words form sentences. Sentences form paragraphs. These are the building blocks of language. But it is not just their meaning that is important in print and advertising material, the character layout also has a specific impact on the observer. For example, readable upper case letters are perfect for posters. They can become eye-catching elements of their own and form an integral part of the design message. Serif fonts are popular for the body of text because the serifs make the individual letters more distinctive and easier to read.

Collection | Inspiring fonts

Matching font and design is a challenge graphic artists, designers and entrepreneurs face every day. Surfing the internet for a suitable font can be time-consuming, especially if the budget is limited. We regularly put together varied collections of free fonts that can be used for commercial purposes to inspire you and give you time to be creative. Browse through our collection and discover free fonts for various occasions: Besides universal fonts suitable for most applications, you will also find ornamental typefaces for wedding invitations, playful and scary fonts for Halloween or carnival campaigns or festive fonts to spruce up your Christmas gift cards.

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