Announcing a price increase – tips and text templ...

Unpleasant, but necessary: informing customers about an impending price increase. Those who provide honest and transparent arguments can continue to retain customers.

Christmas gifts for customers - inspiration and tips

Always the same Christmas gifts for customers and business partners? How about something new? Here are some suggestions.

Sayings for Christmas cards - free text templates

Which saying should go on the Christmas card if the good wishes are to go beyond "Merry Christmas"? You can find suggestions in this article.

Shop window decorations for Christmas: Tips and inspiration

Shop window decorations for Christmas create the right mood and attract the attention of the public.You can find trends and ideas here.

Christmas greetings - business and heartfelt at the same time

Christmas greetings express appreciation. Read here how to set the right tone for customers and business partners.

Postcards: development and role in marketing

We take a look at the development of postcards: from their history and uses to their (still important) role in marketing.

Price elasticity simply explained

How do customers react to price changes? The indicator price elasticity records the effects in figures. You can read exactly how here.
Match schedule

2022 World Cup: fixture schedule templates for your marketing

It is right around the corner, on 21 November 2022, the World Cup will be held in Qatar. And we have just the right fixture schedules.

Poster advertising – effective and up-to-date

Our day-to-day lives expose us to advertising constantly. This is why posters are so successful and their impact can be maximised with some clever planning – also with small marketing budgets.

Event planning: Make your event run smoothly

Strategic event planning helps your event to run smoothly. Use our tips and tricks and avoid chaos on the day of the event.