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Graffiti fonts: download free hip-hop fonts

Graffiti fonts are loud and colourful. Fonts that mimic these sprayed writings are also very fancy. Click here to download free fonts.

Fonts for applications – professional and easy to read

The font you choose for your application plays an important role in making a good impression. Read on to learn what you should look out for and which fonts leave a good impression.

Ten hot handlettering fonts from Google

Need a free handlettering font? Let’s present you with ten hot and free handlettering fonts from Google.

“The Lord of the Ring” fonts straight from ...

"The Lord of the Rings" font is as well-known as Tolkien's books and the spectacular film adaptations. Read on to learn how to use these fonts and what other fonts Middle-earth has...

Ways to convert a PDF to JPG

We show you different ways to convert your PDF to JPG – with and without Adobe Acrobat, computer screenshot functions and helpful online tools.

Free Valentine's Day fonts

Use matching fonts to highlight your offering in style on the day of hearts. Spread love on Valentine's Day with matching fonts.

Serif fonts: useful background knowledge and free fonts

Serif fonts often exude a touch of nostalgia, but they can also create a very modern impression. There are free fonts to match every style. We have rounded up the best options for ...

Metallica font: download heavy metal fonts

The iconic Metallica font is recognised immediately and no longer hyped just by fans. We show you how and where to create your own logo that rocks.

Harry Potter typeface – download magical fonts

A lot of fans would die to get their hands on the "real" Harry Potter font. Unfortunately, it is not available but the internet provides a number of adequate alternatives which will be presented in this article.

Ten hot and free Google script fonts

Looking for free cursive fonts? Then take a look at our roundup. We have put together ten hot Google script fonts for you.