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Photoshop filters and their applications

Using filters to edit photos is an essential element of Adobe Photoshop. We will present three examples in our video tutorial.

Creating a table of contents in InDesign – Basics Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a table of contents in InDesign and what requirements have to be met.

How to insert images in InDesign

Adobe InDesign is ideal to create layouts for magazines and catalogues. In our Basics Tutorial, you will learn how to insert, manage and check images in InDesign.

Photoshop: Smart Objects and their benefits

Converting an image to a Smart Object can simplify the entire image editing workflow in Photoshop. In our tutorial, we take a look at three application examples.

The dos and don'ts of designing the perfect packaging

Packaging design is the art of attracting attention with simple designs. This tutorial demonstrates the procedure using a step-by-step sample project.

How to create an animated GIF – quickly and easily

GIFs are great for various purposes such as entertainment, marketing and sales. We will present different methods to create your own animated GIF.

How to insert images in Photoshop – Basics Tutorial

There are different ways to insert images in Photoshop. This tutorial demonstrates three best practice examples to boost your workflow.

Adding shadows in Photoshop – practical examples

We have put together some examples to demonstrate how to add a shadow in Photoshop to create realistic composites and modern web designs.

Compressing PDFs to reduce file size

We show you different ways to reduce the file size of a PDF document.

How to convert a PDF to Word

We show you how to convert a PDF to Word to easily edit text to be reused in other projects, using Adobe Acrobat and web tools.