Marketing & Insights

A company newspaper for better identification of employees

A company newspaper is an instrument of internal communication that can also contribute to strengthening the company's image. But what does it have to offer in order to achieve its objectives?

Content marketing – creating targeted content

Content marketing is everywhere – and that's exactly the problem Read on to learn how to successfully deliver your content to your target audience.

Euro 2021: fixtures templates for your marketing

Football fever has gripped Europe. Read on to learn everything about the 2021 UEFA European Football Championship and get free match schedules.

Create PDFs with online and offline programs

There are several ways of creating a PDF. We show you the best and fastest variants for conversion – online and offline.

Download free Valentine’s Day templates

The day of hearts is an ideal opportunity to promote your business. We have put together some useful tips how to make the most of V-Day. We provide free Valentine's Day templates t...

Making a PDF form in just a few steps

Interactive forms can be particularly useful when entering and validating data. We show you how to create your own custom PDF form.

Wording samples for Christmas party invitations

The annual office holiday party is not at the top of the list of all employees and some will prefer to stay away. Design inspirational invitations that are sure to spark their interest.

How to create an animated GIF – quickly and easily

GIFs are great for various purposes such as entertainment, marketing and sales. We will present different methods to create your own animated GIF.

Hat-trick of quality: an interview with Thomas M. Schni...

How has the art of printing changed since Gutenberg? One of the greatest achievements of modern times, Johannes Gutenberg's invention of the printing press in the mid-15th century ...

Compressing PDFs to reduce file size

We show you different ways to reduce the file size of a PDF document.