Beer mats


Beer mats are a must-have in any bar or restaurant and make a powerful marketing statement. Put the logo of your beer or beverage supplier on one side and use the other side to advertise your hospitality business. The material of our beer mats is bright white, 1.4-mm-thick special paperboard which is highly absorbent. The round beer mats with a diameter of 10.3 cm soak up beer spills and add a unique touch to your pub or restaurant. In addition to round coasters, you can also order a square shape with rounded corners from a minimum quantity of 100.


There are various ways to direct your customers' attention using printed products on the table. Displays in different designs, for example, allow you to highlight special offers or give an overview of your selection of dishes. Printed placemats are another option to impress your guests the moment they sit down at the table. Printed beer mats in a matching design are the ideal complement to your marketing concept.


You can also divert beermats from their intended purpose by using them as an eye-catching birthday invitation or save-the-date card that will wow the recipient. Everyone associates the sturdy paperboard with the typical round or square shape with a classic coaster. So what a surprise when the beer mat shows something else than the expected brewery logo. Thanks to the bright white, 1.4-mm-thick paperboard, your invitations or save-the-day cards on beer mats are also very durable. Custom printed beermats allow bars, pubs and restaurants to get creative and put a twist on their advertising by printing games, trivia or unknown fun facts about their business on the coaster. This will keep guests entertained while waiting, keep tables clean and put them in a good mood.

FAQs for Beer mats

Is there a difference between beer mats and coasters

No, beer mats and coasters are the same. However, the term beer mat is largely used in the UK, with coasters being more frequently used in the US and other parts of the world.

How do I order a custom printed beer mat?

You can order your very own, custom printed beer mat by choosing either a single-sided round or square design or a double-sided round or square design on this page. The process is extremely easy: simply select your preferred quantity, upload your design, choose whether you prefer a data check and order. You'll soon have your personalised beer mats at your doorstep, and you'll be ready to impress your friends and customers!

How do I customise my own beer mat?

Customising your own beer mat is effortless: upload your design, preview it and then place your order.

What kind of a design can be printed on the beer mats?

You can personalise your beer mats to your liking! This means you are free to upload any design that you intend to use at your bar, restaurant or for any special occasion. Just make sure to follow the size and resolution requirements mentioned on the page.

Are there any readily available custom designs?

At the moment we only offer one sample design, which can be ordered to explore the quality and design possibilities. Feel free to order one now.

Is it possible to use special colours when printing beer mats?

Colour mode has to be CMYK as with FOGRA52 (PSO Uncoated v3 FOGRA52) and colour application should not exceed 240%. Find out more in the description of our products.

Should I go for single or double sided prints?

It is entirely up to you we offer both! However, double-sided prints have clear advantages: your design will clearly be visible no matter how it is positioned or flipped around and you can advertise two brands for maximum exposure and perhaps extra value. You can also be creative and create a game using your beer mat designs.

What sizes do you offer your beer mats in?

Round beer mats come in at a diameter of 10.3 cm, whereas the square ones are 9.3 cm. They can perfectly accommodate your designs and protect from any accidental spillages or wet cups and glasses.

Are your beer mats absorbent?

Thanks to their strong, 1.4mm bright white paperboard, the beer mats will absorb any accidental spillages or wet cups and glasses. They can also absorb any condensation created by cold glasses and beverages without ruining the print.

Are your beer mats waterproof?

No, but they can handle accidental spillages, condensation and wet glasses without any visible tear or rip.

Can the personalised beer mats also be used at parties or other events?

For sure! Beer mats and coasters can be used at all kinds of special events from small parties with friends to weddings and social events. They are simple, practical and with a unique custom print, they will definitely also be a sight to behold.

Can I get one sample printed before I order a larger quantity?

Unfortunately, we do not currently send out samples with your custom design, but we would like to showcase some of our samples if you'd like to get a sense of our high-level craftsmanship and superior quality.
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