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Anniversary discount: Get 15 % off business cards – only until 31 July 2024. Code: HAPPY-BC-15



Catalog printing is the ideal way to present your product range. Our vivid art print paper yields dazzling photos, optionally with a matt or glossy finish. We offer online catalog printing between 64 and 356 pages plus cover. The latter is available in 170gsm to 300gsm quality printed with one, four or five colours. All booklets are perfect-bound or sewn bound. There is no minimum quantity for ordering catalogues (short runs).


We offer three binding types to turn single pages into a catalogue. The two adhesive binding types use hot-melt or PUR adhesive.Hot-melt adhesive is a thermoplastic material which is hot and liquid when applied on the paper sheets and solidifies as it cools down. This adhesive method provides the advantage that drying or curing times are eliminated allowing the products to be handled soon after. As a result, we can print, glue and dispatch your catalogue or booklet in virtually no time.PUR, in contrast, is a reactive glue that solidifies by drawing moisture out of the air. As with hot-melt binding, PUR adhesive is applied hot, however, at a lower temperature. Therefore, PUR binding is better suited for heat-sensitive materials than hot-melt glue. Another positive of PUR glue is that it is stronger and more durable than hot-melt adhesive. We therefore recommend PUR adhesive binding for online catalog printing of high-weight papers.


Sewn binding is considered the most durable of all binding methods. Instead of hot-melt and PUR perfect binding, sewn binding employs multiple threads to sew the untrimmed paper sheets together mechanically. Accordingly, sewn bound catalogues are more durable than perfect bound booklets and hence better suited for heavy use. Another pro of sewn binding is the ability of the pages to open flat. Catalog printing combined with thread stitching provides a superior appearance.
Do you want to advertise a campaign, communicate contact details or present a voucher? Then, we recommend printing catalogue inserts as well.

FAQs for Catalogues

Can I get a paper sample or inspection copy before placing my catalogue printing order?

Yes. Feel free to order our paper sample book in advance. This will give you an exact impression of the look and gsm of the paper types used in our product range. Furthermore, you can have a control copy printed and sent to you for a small extra charge. You can make use of this option, once your print data has been submitted. Check the correct sequence of all pages, adjust spacing, or make sure the type of binding suits your project. Please read the product specifications regarding colour reproduction, relief varnish or bleed allowance carefully.

Do you have any tips for an appealing catalogue design?

The front page sets the tone for your entire catalogue. It determines the first impression which can make or break your product presentation. Design haptic, wording, and the choice of key visuals consciously.

For the table of contents, clarity is essential. Focus on a comprehensible structure using indentations and a logical naming of all categories. Also, consider using colour codes per section. That way, readers can "navigate" sideways on the opposite side of the binding: with their thumb steering directly into the colour code area that is particularly relevant for them.

A high quality concept should also include:

  • A smart use of content chunks and stoppers
  • Adherence to your CI design rules
  • Highlights, awards or special offers
  • Conscious use of white space
  • Preparation of a keyword index
  • Simple description of the ordering process
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