Anniversary discount: Get 15 % off business cards – only until 31 July 2024. Code: HAPPY-BC-15
Anniversary discount: Get 15 % off business cards – only until 31 July 2024. Code: HAPPY-BC-15



To print envelopes online, you have to choose the type of envelope first: Machine insertable envelopes and manually inserted envelopes. There is a small difference between the two: The flaps are either self-adhesive or have a seal gum.

The self seal option only requires the adhesive strip at the flap to be peeled off in order to seal the envelope. The seal gum envelope, in contrast, has to be moistened by a machine to activate the glue.

Regardless of the sealing type, we use CMYK and optionally one or two spot colours to print all our envelopes so that you can design custom envelopes that are instantly recognized by your customers. To mail documents that should not be folded or when mailing and delivering larger items like brochures or notepads, we offer mailers and envelopes in portrait orientation with an adhesive strip for easy closing.


Our product range comprises B and C series envelopes and mailers and the Q4+ format. Our best-selling envelope size is the C series. DL (C series) envelopes are traditionally used for business correspondence.

A5 greeting cards or invitations, however, are usually mailed in C6 envelopes. C4 or B4 envelopes are usually used for unfolded documents.

By the way: You can optionally define whether your envelopes or mailers should have the window on the left or right side or whether you prefer no window at all.


Our envelopes are also ideal for mailing campaigns For advertising content, general customer information and other correspondence, we recommend machine insertable C5 envelopes (22.9 mm x 16.2 mm) or machine insertable C5/6 envelopes (22.9 mm x 11.4 mm) with left window position. Include spot colours to add an eye-catching element to your mailing campaigns. You can place your logo either to the right of the window or on the reverse side of the envelope.

FAQs for Envelopes

Are there any design specifications for envelope printing?

Please leave out the area of the adhesive strips and of the window when designing the artwork and add 2 mm bleed on all sides. See the product page for additional specifications. You will also find free design templates for your envelopes there.

What should be printed on the envelope?

You can use the envelope as a small advertising space and print your name, claim and/or logo on it. This will make your letter and message stand out among the pile of mail in the recipient's letter box.

Are envelopes also printed on both sides?

We print the front and back of the envelopes for you. The inside of the envelope is grey.

Do you sell blank envelopes, too?

While we do not expressly sell blank envelopes, you can do minimal design changes to it, such as simply adding your name or logo to the envelope. This way, all of your deliveries will be branded, allow you to focus more on whats important to you shipping orders and promotional materials.

Are there any established envelope design conventions I should know about?

We highly advise that the area of the adhesive strips and of the window when designing the artwork be left out and a 2mm bleed on all sides be added. These would be the main aspects to consider, but broadly speaking, your design should be simple, as envelopes rarely benefit from cluttered space. This is not to say you cannot go with a vibrant design, featuring vivid colors quite the contrary and if you ever need some inspiration, check out our free templates on the design page. This way, you can also save time and money by using pre-formatted envelope templates.

Can I order custom printed envelopes for my wedding invitations at Onlineprinters?

You most certainly can and wed be thrilled to print your envelopes for the big event. For special occasions, such as a wedding, we even offer custom packaging. And the best part: the process is just as simple and you can enjoy the same fast & free delivery. So start creating now and dont forget to add a splash of color. Were sure it will be perfect so make sure to tell us more about it.

What is the GST rate, what is the correct HSN code?

The GST rate for envelopes is 12% with the HSN code being 4817. You can read more about the GST rate for envelopes of paper or paperboard (excluding letter cards) here.

Why should I use an online service rather than an envelope printing company near me?

One of the many reasons is because we have been one of the leading printing companies in the industry and are now able to offer premium services at relatively low prices. We are also readily available to take big orders and offer a wide selection of products. No time to wait days on end for your order? No worries, German efficiency is in our blood, so you can be sure your order will be there on time and free of charge.

Do I need a special software or file format in order to upload my layout?

No, you can upload your layout using InDesign (.inx) or Photoshop (.psd). Alternatively, you can also use our custom tool and create your design there.
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