Wrapping paper


There are many occasions on which you can show your customers and employees that you care for them. Present a gift to your customers and employees to thank them for their loyalty and partnership and celebrate milestone anniversaries, for example. Wrapped in personalised wrapping paper, your gift will wow its recipient. After all, first impressions are everything and the wrapping is an important part of the gifting experience. While the gift itself is important, the wrapping can make your gift look more attractive, so it's all about creating a design that leaves a powerful first impression.


Christmas is the perfect time of the year to impress your customers with practical giveaways or upscale gifts that stand out from the mass of presents under the tree. Additionally wrapped in personalised paper, they create a unique and memorable experience for the giftee. When printing custom wrapping paper, don't forget to incorporate your logo to make sure the recipients know who to thank for this awesome gift. Enclose your business card to leave no doubt as to who is the sender of the adorable greeting. By the way, in addition to custom-designed wrapping paper, you can order many other customisable products for your company such as flyers, notebooks, posters and more in our web shop.


Once you have decided to print custom wrapping paper in your corporate layout, all you need to do is pick a design and configure your product in our online shop. We offer wrapping paper in different standard sizes and optionally print your personalised design on one or both sides of the paper. Printing a different design on each side of the wrapping paper opens up more application options for various occasions. We print wrapping paper in orders of ten sheets (one-sided print) and more or 25 sheets and more (two-sided print). We recommend art print paper for crisp colours and vivid designs that jump off the paper. You can choose a matt or glossy finish to add a touch of refinement to your wrapping paper. If you want to print wrapping paper you can stamp or write on, offset paper is the best choice. The wrapping paper is delivered flat and not on rolls.

FAQs on product "Wrapping Paper"

How do you package my custom wrapping paper?

We take great care of each and everyone of our customers orders. The wrapping paper is carefully packed in a box, the size of which depends on the order quantity. For ease of use, we pack them flat instead of on rolls. We would be glad to offer you more information if you reach out to our customer service here.

Do you offer eco friendly wrapping paper products, too?

At the moment we sadly do not offer eco-friendly wrapping paper products, but we are working on bringing this to our customers, as we've done with many of our eco-friendly products available now in our shop.

Are there any coatings available?

You can opt for either a matt or a glossy finish. And thanks to the exceptional quality of the wrapping paper, you and more importantly the gift receiver will be impressed. And to add even more fun to the mix, you can even opt in for two-sided print and include two pieces of artwork for a perfect surprise.

What is the difference between bespoke wrapping paper and short run tissue paper?

Short-run tissue paper is mostly used for packaging smaller gifts or items within gift boxes. However, they can be used as wrapping paper as well and as an advantage, they eco-friendly as its made from recycled materials. Bespoke wrapping paper is ideal for bigger gifts and the perfect choice for business gifts.

Are there any limits as to how creative I can be in the design?

Not at all your wrapping paper design can be as vibrant and flamboyant as possible. If you have already bought your gift, then its high time you get down to creating an exciting design. Simply upload your custom artwork and we will take care of the printing. Dont forget to choose the perfect size and check your design well take care of the rest, shipping and all.
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