Plastic cards


Credit card sized plastic cards are ideal as loyalty cards, pocket calendars, business cards and staff ID badges. Choose the card type you need: whether standard plastic cards, plastic cards with signature strip, plastic cards with magnetic stripe for data storage or combinations thereof. Thanks to the standardized driver's license size with rounded corners, our plastic cards will easily fit into your customers' wallet. The 760 rigid vinyl (PVC) material is very sturdy and water-proof.


Make a statement and draw attention with plastic card printing. We print your design on the selected plastic cards and make sure you obtain the best quality product possible. The PVC cards are printed in four colour (4/4) digital or offset printing technology giving you virtually unlimited design options. We add an additional coating on the card surface for extra durability. Light-coloured designs are laminated with a glossy film and dark designs with a matt finish. This will not only protect your cards against wear and scratches, it also looks great. If you want to print plastic cards, make sure to provide high-quality artwork files to obtain an excellent result. Also bear in mind that we deliver all plastic cards with rounded corners so that their size matches that of ID cards, driver's licenses and similar cards.


Leave a good impression and get noticed by presenting stylish plastic business cards. We print your contact details and company logo on the plastic cards so that you can set yourself up for a successful business relationship right from the start. Printed plastic cards are also great as membership cards, gift cards and access cards. Upon request, we also produce your membership or ID cards as magnetic stripe cards that can be read by a magnetic stripe reader for unique identification.
This allows you to use the printed plastic cards for example as key card for your premises. Other possible uses include timekeeping or managing staff accounts (e.g. for a canteen). Loyalty cards are a popular tool to build long-lasting relationships with your customers. Printed on affordable plastic cards, these loyalty cards will also make your customers feel valued. Reward your most loyal customers with attractive rewards and increase customer retention by giving away cards bearing your logo. You can also personalize the cards by incorporating a signature strip.