Buttons & magnets


Magnets are the ideal promotional tools. They are small and handy and can be designed with custom artwork. The best thing about custom printed magnets is that you can be certain that your logo and advertising message will get the attention they deserve. This is because printed magnets whether flexible sheet magnets or sturdy refrigerator magnets create an excellent advertising impact. They hold important notes, messages or fridge artwork in place and are always in front of your target audience, whether at work in the office or at home in the kitchen.

Print magnets for your company and use them as promotional tools by handing them out as trade show give-aways, distributing them in your store or enclosing them with product purchases. Everyone will be delighted to get their hands on one of these awesome promotional gifts they can use every day. Print custom magnets to promote a new marketing campaign or spread the word about your brand. We carry a varied selection of high-quality magnets which we print to your specifications at prices you can afford. In addition to traditional refrigerator magnets, you can also order printed flexible magnets in our online shop.


We print to suit all promotional needs. There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to magnet printing: whether a photo, logo or slogan we print your custom artwork on different types of magnets to your specifications. But bear in mind that the printable area of the magnets is not very large, i.e., between 2.5 cm diameter, 5 x 5 cm and 8.9 x 6.4 cm depending on the product. So make sure to choose your design accordingly. Avoid intricate details and pick an easily legible font of sufficient line width for your marketing message. To assure maximum visibility of your company logo or slogan, you should use contrasting colours. When designing your artwork, make sure to comply with your company's brand style guide and pick colours and images that reflect the corporate identity. This not only applies to magnets but to any other printed promotional product and marketing instrument. A consistent design on different types of promotional media will boost brand recognition with your target audience.


We carry different types of magnets including the option to order square, rectangular and round shapes for refrigerator magnets. Printed fridge magnets are available in various sizes. These metal magnets have a smooth surface and a magnet on the back. We optionally laminate the front of your magnet with a matt or glossy film to protect your promotional imprint.

If you plan to mail your personalised magnets, we recommend ordering our flexible magnetic stickers. The printed flexible magnets can be bent and twisted and have a wipeable vinyl surface. They are made of thin magnetic sheet, making them ideal as mailing items. Tip: Design magnetic photo stickers by printing an attractive subject on the thin magnets that will get your marketing message across. We print magnets from a quantity of 25 whether for a large-scale promotion or a special occasion.

You want to go bigger with your advertising on magnetic material? No problem! Thanks to the custom size specification, you can order magnetic signs imprinted with your personalised design to your custom dimensions for added flexibility.
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