Is there anything better than to lay back in your cosy armchair a good book at hand? You devour the novel page by page until at some point you have to put the book aside.This is where the bookmark comes into play. Conventional bookmarks are usually inserted. Sticking out at the top of the book, they can be decorated as desired. But there are even more sophisticated ways to mark a book. Why not use a personalised bookmark as an advertising tool you can give to business prospects. This will not only make bookworms and book addicts happy!


If you want to print bookmarks, you have come to the right place. We bring your favourite design to paper. Choose between a long and short bookmark and pick your favourite paper from a large selection of paper qualities including art print paper, Chromolux pearl effect cardstock, eco-friendly recycled board and more. Besides the paper type, you can also define the thickness of the paper and choose an optional finish. Print personalised bookmarks upgraded with an optional film lamination or UV coating. Whether matt or glossy, we turn your ideas into great print products also in small quantities.


By default, we print bookmarks as a four-colour job (4/4) on both sides, giving you the freedom to design your bookmarks for maximum impact. If you want to print only one side of the bookmark, just leave the second side blank in your artwork. To achieve best results, you should design your artwork according to our specifications.Custom printed bookmarks are the perfect promotional gift. Add a funny slogan related to reading to emphasise the messages you want to get across with this unique promotional tool. Occasionally, custom bookmarks are repurposed as eye-catching business cards. The unusual format will immediately stand out and be remembered for a long time. Print bookmarks today and show your customers you care for them by giving them a unique gift of practical use.

FAQs for Bookmarks

Can I order personalised bookmarks with perforation or with a threaded ribbon?

No. Currently, we do not offer these options for our bookmark products.

Is there a printing template that customers can use and adjust according to their own design ideas?

Yes. Select your desired format, then download templates for either Photoshop or InDesign. Also, please take into consideration the artwork information given in the respective PDF file. That way, your upload data should perfectly meet our bleed and general print data requirements.

Can I buy my bookmark articles in bulk?

Yes. Through our regular web shop process, you will be able to have up to 999,999 bookmarks printed in your custom design. However, should you need more, please let us know through a business customer enquiry and we are happy to tailor the order to your specific needs immediately.

Can I personalise my bookmarks using a holographic- or other high quality finish?

Yes, and we'd highly recommend you add a custom holographic artwork to your bookmark. As a business owner, you can stand out with a premium product that can be offered for free to customers and as a bookworm, you'll have a new favourite bookmark with your preferred piece of design.

Is there a certain file format that I am supposed to use for uploading my final design?

Generally, layouts saved in InDesign (.inx) or Photoshop (.psd) are preferred and will ensure the best print reproduction. However, we do support other formats as well. Additionally, you can use our custom tool to create your design and place your order directly. You can get acquainted with the printing process and get all of your questions (e.g. bleed, safety margin, file formats etc) answered from our articles here.

I need personalised bookmarks for a private event (e.g. wedding or funeral) is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes, we have a minimum order number of 100 bookmarks. However, in certain cases, you can reach out to us for a smaller order. Feel free to contact us here for more details.

How do I find the right printing manufacturer online?

You might not know this yet, but you already found it. Onlineprinters has been in the business of making high quality prints for its customers for over 15 years all over Europe and the United States. We also offer advantageous rates and fast, free shipping. Whats more, our customer service is happy to guide you through your order or any questions you might have. Dont hesitate and place your order today.

How quickly can you deliver the finished product and which delivery services can I choose from

Production time is about 3-4 working days whenever you submit your artwork before 9 PM on weekdays. This means that within 7 working days from submitting your order, you should receive your package. You can choose to have them delivered through DPD. You can find more information about this here or at checkout.
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