Anniversary discount: Get 15 % off business cards – only until 31 July 2024. Code: HAPPY-BC-15
Anniversary discount: Get 15 % off business cards – only until 31 July 2024. Code: HAPPY-BC-15

Scaffold banners


Printed outdoor advertising is still relevant in the digital age. The reach of your marketing message certainly depends on where it is located. Advertising in high-traffic areas is an effective way to boost brand awareness but can be expensive. There is an effective and low-priced alternative in the construction industry: Display your advertising on scaffolding and hoardings at construction sites. The printed scaffold banners, which are sized to fit standardised construction scaffolds, shouldn't be positioned too high, ideally at eye level to make sure your brand message catches the eyes of those passing by. Printed scaffold banners can also be used to hide a dusty, under-construction scenery. Our custom printed hoarding banners are another option. You don't even need finished artwork to print these banners. Construction fence banners can easily be designed in our online tool.


When printing scaffold banners and wraps, you can either order individual banners or multiple banners with the same design. The banners are available in different sizes made to fit standardised construction scaffolds. For example, you can print a complete banner to cover the entire front bay of a construction scaffold or choose a half front bay banner which can be affixed between the lower edge of the toe board and the guard rail. To create a bold advertising platform, use banners for the sides of the scaffold that stretch across two levels of scaffolding. But you can also specify a custom size for your printed scaffolding banner tailored to your space requirements: The custom size specification allows you to define any size for your printed banner from 100 x 100 cm up to 400 x 200 cm.


Custom printed scaffold banners feature reinforced pole pockets at the top and bottom with a diameter of either six or twelve centimetres to fit most standard scaffolding tubes. This enables the banners to be pulled over the tubes of the scaffolding. The scaffold banners are additionally fitted with eyelets above and below the corners for easy installation. The weather-proof eyelets are located along the weld line of the pole pockets for alternative hanging methods. You can optionally order elastic ties with your printed banner. This professional tensioning system minimises the risk of banner sagging and ripping and is easy to install and relocate. Another option is to use cable ties.


You can order personalised scaffold banners either made of PVC or mesh fabric. Both materials are 100 % weather-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor applications. We use state-of-the-art digital technology to print your design with water-resistant UV inks to make sure your message looks smart and professional for a long time. Any dirt on the scaffold banners caused by exposure to the elements or construction site activities can be wiped away easily. The mesh fabric allows wind to pass through the banners to withstand even high wind loads. If you plan to install your scaffold in a very windy location, you should choose printed scaffold banners made of mesh material.

If you want to print scaffold banners to hide your construction site, we recommend using blockout material. The intermediate layer makes the advertising banner completely opaque and prevents the design of the other side from showing through. Two side printed PVC banners are also available with the custom size option.
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