Cutting boards


You want to use custom cutting boards as promotional gift? Such a giveaway will surely stand out from the crowd. Print your marketing message on a cutting board to reach a wide target audience. Display your brand wherever people eat or cook by printing your logo, company name or catchy phrase on the chopping board. The perfect custom gift for a chef, butcher, griller or any other person who regularly chops, slices and dices. Private households will also love your promotional cutting boards to cut up their veggies or serve their sandwiches on. A glass cutting board is also popular in every kitchen. The cooks among your customers will love getting a personalised cutting board made of glass or wood to show off their chopping skills. Wow your clients by gifting a cutting board together with a sharp knife.


Promotional cutting boards are multi-purpose kitchen tools that are appreciated beyond preparing a meal. Use them to serve finger food, roll out dough or even as a decorative element on countertops. Reward loyal customers by giving them a round or square cutting board in a package. Gift baskets are popular for anniversaries and many other occasions. Why not leave out the basket and present all the gifts and gourmet foods on a personalised cutting board instead? This is a unique gifting idea at an affordable price.

Are there any cheese lovers, cheese producers or cheese merchants among your target group? Then you should take a closer look at our custom cheese boards. The boards come together with a cheese knife and fork. The durable surface of the cheese board is designed to withstand cuts and ideally shows off the cheese.


You see that cutting boards make great promotional items and are a nice twist on your standard giveaway. We print the cutting boards in certified quality for you. To learn more about the placement and the type of print, please refer to the description on the product page. The printing technique depends on the material of the cutting board; we often use laser engraving for such products. Please note that the engraving result can look different on natural materials such as wood.