Fridge magnets


Refrigerator magnets are the ideal tool to put important notes or messages front and centre for everyone who enters the kitchen to notice. Refrigerator magnets keep notes, shopping lists and messages securely affixed to the fridge door, preventing them from falling to the floor where they are easily overlooked. In addition to fridges, promotional magnets will cling to any metallic surface such as cars, filing cabinets or whiteboards as a long lasting way to advertise your brand and company. If you have more to say, you can go for bigger magnets which offer more space to show off your business with a funny quote or relevant slogan while securing notes, drawings, take-out menus and more. Seize this branding opportunity and print fridge magnets that combine utility with decorative value when personalised with an appealing design and produced in top printing quality. This is why magnetic promo items are so popular across industries. We carry round and square magnets in three different sizes, respectively.


Printed fridge magnets make ideal bulk giveaways you can distribute at trade shows, events or at checkout. Let your creativity run wild and implement your design ideas by crafting your own promotional magnets. Print your company logo on small refrigerator magnets. Or if you have more to say, order bigger magnets. The larger pin badges offer more space to display a funny quote, a photo or other business-relevant design. A good photo says it all. Printed over the entire surface of a promotional magnet, a photo is the ideal instrument to get your marketing message across. Print an attractive design on photo magnets to create a year-round marketing tool that customers and prospective clients will love to apply to their kitchen fridge or other magnetic surface to affix notes, pictures, shopping lists, take-out menus and more while being exposed to your brand or product all the time. Print eye-catching promotional magnets and photo magnets as giveaways your target audience will appreciate.


Our round and square fridge magnets are made of a personalised button printed with your design and a magnet on the back. Compared to magnetic stickers or magnetic sheets, refrigerator magnets are more bulky for added stability and long durability. When printing fridge magnets, the front will be film laminated to protect the imprinted advertising message against damage, wear and dirt. During checkout, you can also choose between a matt or glossy lamination of your magnets.

When creating the artwork for fridge magnets, you have to pay attention to some design considerations: Make sure to add 5.0 mm bleed around the finished size of your product. The bleed area will be folded back during production of the promotional items and affixed on the back of the magnet. Thus, only part of the bleed will remain visible and ideally it is the same colour as the rest of the background of your promotional magnet. Place all (important) design elements, such as your company logo, a product photo or humorous quote, inside the visible imprint area. Our design tip: To assure best results when printing a circular design on round magnets, we recommend buttons starting from 3.7 cm diameter. Otherwise, the quality of the fridge magnets can suffer. This is because the round design may appear out of centre when printed on smaller magnets.
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