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Artwork information Flag, Free format selection

  • Free format selection:
    • Width: min. 100 - max. 500 cm
    • Height: min. 50 - max. 300 cm
  • Resolution: 150 dpi
  • Fonts must be completely imbedded or converted to curves
  • colour mode: CMYK, FOGRA51 (PSO coated v3)
  • Maximum colour application of 300 %
  • We will not check for spelling and/or typographical errors
  • We will not check for overprint settings
  • Transparencies created with CorelDRAW must be reduced
  • Comments will be deleted and not printed
  • Form field content will be printed

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Artwork information

Product details

  • Four-colour print on the front, reverse blank (4/0)
  • Individual flags in custom sizes are available from 50 x 100 cm up to 300 x 500 cm.
  • Sublimation print on 110 gsm flag material (fire resistance rating “B1 (self-extinguishing)” according to DIN 4102)
  • Due to thermal fixation of the print, the flag is very robust, washable and ironable
  • Circumferential hem for an enhanced product lifespan
  • Optional: Eyelets for easy set-up along the border (distance between the eyelets approx. 50 cm).
  • Eyelets applied according to the text direction
  • Square formats always have the eyelets applied on the left side in reading direction.
  • Fair price: Prices are calculated exact to the centimetre
  • Only one motif can be uploaded for each printing order.