Printed sweatshirts: a good alternative to standard promotional T-shirts

Tired of printing the same old promotional T-shirts? Then we have just what you need: Print an eye-catching personalised sweatshirt tailored to the occasion. With masses of promotional T-shirts out there, it may be time to look for an alternative. Sweatshirts might not be among the most affordable garments, but they create a more substantial impression and inspire your target audience with their high quality. If you are looking for a classic, no-frills garment, look no further. Without the hoodie and the front pocket, versatile sweatshirts create clean look for all ages. Whether your logo, image, slogan or other text style your own personalised artwork and print it on sweatshirts in our web shop to create unique clothing that your employees and customers will want to wear every day.

Promote teams spirit with printed sweatshirts

Wearing work uniforms promotes team building and staff unity. Themed clothing and custom printed garments are also popular with sports clubs, stag and hen parties and any other occasion where the wearer should easily be recognised. Print personalised sweatshirts to promote a sense of unity and team spirit among your employees, team members or volunteers. They will appreciate wearing a stylish piece of garment that keeps them warm especially in the cold season. We carry sweatshirts for men and women across a variety of styles and sizes. Once you have decided to personalise a sweatshirts, you can choose from various styles and colours. If you are aiming for a more muted look for your work uniform, black is the ideal colour. Or do you prefer more vibrant shades to create eye-catching promotional gifts? The choice is yours: First configure your sweatshirts online. After checkout, just upload your customised artwork and let us make awesome sweatshirts for you.

Sweatshirts and other promotional items in bright colours

When printing your custom sweatshirts, your satisfaction with the final results is our main concern. We therefore print the garments using state-of-the-art screen printing technology. This printing technique is ideal for fabrics and delivers brilliant colours in top quality that won't fade. You can easily wash your personalised sweatshirts up to 40 C. We make your creative ideas come true, whether a specially themed design, logo, brand, lettering or colour scheme you can choose one or two colours to implement your design projects. All Pantone spot colours can be used for this except metallic and neon shades. This enables you to print your design on sweatshirts in the exact shade of your corporate design to create a seamless brand presentation. Besides all types of garments such as sweatshirts, we carry a wide range of other items and accessories like umbrellas and mugs. An embroidered baseball cap, for instance, goes well with a personalised sweatshirt. Browse our large product range, create your own custom design and we will produce unique solutions with high-quality imprints for you.

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