Deck chairs


Branded deck chairs are the ideal solution to highlight your brand in the summer months. Branded deck chairs are a comfortable way to relax in style and promote your business. Popular at outdoor events such as festivals, sporting competitions or cultural events, deck chairs are set up on piers, promenades, in beer gardens, at exhibitions and on city beaches. You can leverage their popularity to advertise your company by putting your logo, claim or a photo of your headquarters on deck chairs. Customized with your design, eye-catching branded deck chairs are perfect in any setting.


If the weather is not suitable to sit back in a deck chair or if you don't use them, you can simply fold the space-saving deck chairs and stow them away. There are multiple design options: Choose a frame colour to go with your imprint: whether natural or dark brown stained beech wood or deck chairs made of silver or black aluminium. All models have an adjustable back for different reclining positions. Our branded wooden deck chairs with arm rests (and a cup holder) provide an extra comfortable sitting experience.


You can print your design all over the reclining area made of durable white polyester. We recommend using the entire surface for your design. If you don't want your logo to take up the entire seat area of the deck chair, the upper third is ideal to showcase your company name. Place an eye-catching design in the lower section such as your logo in XXL, a corporate design element or a colour picture thanks to the brilliant colour reproduction of the polyester fabric.

FAQs for Deck chairs

What are the exact dimensions of the deck chairs?

The dimensions are as follows:
a. Wooden Deck chairs:
  • reclining area 450 x 1020 mm
  • folded: 590 x 1380 mm
  • thickness of frame members: 30 x 20 mm
b. Wooden deck chairs with armrests:
  • reclining area 420 x 940 mm
  • folded: 720 x 1380 mm
  • thickness of frame members: 30 x 20 mm
c. Aluminium deck chairs:
  • reclining area 420 x 1080 mm
  • folded: 600 x 1300 mm
  • thickness of frame members: 40 x 20 mm.

How can I print a coherent overall design on the deck chair fabric that doesn't just contain my logo?

If you'd like to create a custom design for the deck chairs and stand out, we would highly recommend you don't stop at just the logo, since you can fully customise the entire reclining area and have a colourful, eye-catching print. Plus, we think that custom printed deck chairs are the perfect product for summer events, especially when paired with custom umbrellas or flags. It might all be a blank canvas now, but you can turn it into a piece of art. Explore more here and learn how to do it.

Is the fabric completely customisable or do I have to adhere to design limitations?

The fabric is indeed fully customisable and there are no major design limitations, other than those listed by our policy and the additional information presented on the order page. If you need more information regarding this or any of our products, feel free to contact us.

Can I order matching cushions with my branded deck chair?

Unfortunately, we do not sell any custom cushions that could go with your deck chairs, but we are constantly adding new items and designs to our website, so feel free to reach out to us with suggestions for custom promotional products.

Is the metal chair more stable than the wooden ones?

Generally speaking, metal chairs are more stable (and lighter) than wooden chairs thanks to the aluminum frame, but they have a similar maximum weight capacity of approximatively 110 kg or roughly 243 lbs.

We have an event coming up soon how long does it take for the print to be completed and the chair to be shipped to my business?

Deck chairs can be printed and shipped out to you within 6 to 7 working days. Therefore, we advise that you order your branded deck chairs one to two weeks in advance.
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