Canvas bags


The booming trend around canvas tote bags already started a few years ago. Today, reusable tote bags come in different styles and sizes and are used for many occasions besides carrying your grocery. The affordable canvas totes can be purchased at any supermarket checkout as an alternative to plastic bags. Being both versatile and fashionable, canvas bags provide endless opportunities for personalized printing: whether as a souvenir tote printed with a city landmark or other trendy visual or logo in shops and stores of all kinds. Printed canvas bags create instant brand awareness.


Canvas tote bags printed with your logo are walking ads that showcase your message and boost brand awareness. You can harness the powerful effect of tote bag marketing by giving them away at your event, for example. Show your trade show attendees that you appreciate them and send them home with custom printed canvas tote bags that hold portfolios, info brochures, product catalogues and other branded print products. Branded totes are a great investment for businesses. They turn customers into walking brand ambassadors that take your message and logo out there.


Before printing your canvas tote bag, you have to find the suitable model. Tote bags can be made of cotton or non-woven material. You can also choose between different bag sizes or between long and short handles. If your bags need to hold only small items such as perfumes, beauty products, medicines or small giveaways, we recommend the canvas bags Arrecife and Monza. The bag model Franca and the non-woven-bag Zagreb are available in different colours. You can choose from a variety of bags including highlights such as the Suva drawstring bag, the Kalkutta duffel bag and a bag for children featuring a unicorn.