Printed hardcover notebooks are durable and practical products that make premium gifts for important business customers. To make sure that your logo notebook will be used on a regular basis, it should be useful and look good. The printed design is as important to this end as the quality of the paper and the imprint. Personalised notebooks are a welcome gift not just for business partners: Your employees, too, will love to get a stylish notebook they can actively use. So when ordering notebooks, make sure to get one for each member of your team and all your dear clients. Notebooks are ideal companions in meetings, workshops, brainstorming sessions and the daily office routine. Leave a professional impression with unique notebooks that get your message across. Notebooks are most effective when the printed cover is visible. This makes sure that the design on the cover gets maximum attention.


Our product range comprises different styles and types of notebooks. We carry A4 and A5 notebooks with 128 and 192 pages, respectively. You can order notebooks with default options and squared pages and print them to your specifications. If you prefer a more personalised approach, you can design fully customised notebooks that are one of a kind. The inside pages are available squared, ruled or blank. These notebooks can be ordered with 192 pages only. To add a finishing touch to your custom-printed quality notebooks, you can optionally fit them with a pen loop or elastic band closure. Combined with a stylish pen imprinted with the same design, the promotional notebooks will make a big impression with your customers. The perfect combo for a quality executive gift.