Tape measures


Tape measures used as promotional giveaway extend the reach of your marketing far beyond the length of the measuring tape because everyone has use for this handy item. After all, a tape measure is a necessity in any household and a must-have ingredient of any toolbox. As items of high utility, tape measures are used frequently across different industries, putting your logo in front of your target audience day in and day out.

A tailor's tape measure sporting your company name is the perfect giveaway to enclose with sewing machine purchases. Ambitious DIYers will love to get their hands on a personalised tape measure for their home improvement project. The gadget is also useful for furniture shoppers to determine whether they can fit that awesome leather couch in their living room. This makes custom tape measures ideal giveaways for furniture stores and other retailers where taking measurements is commonplace. A tape measure as promotional swag appeals to a wide range of prospective customers in almost all areas, from business partners in crafts to home constructors.


Above all, promotional items should be suitable for everyday use and offer high utility value. A self-retracting tape measure meets exactly these requirements. The measuring tape is rolled up inside the case on which you can print your custom design. Just pull out the tape when needed and it will retract automatically after use. Depending on the style you choose, your message will usually be printed on the case of the self-retracting tape measure. We carry promotional tape measures across different styles and colours. Some models include a level or can be put on a keychain. Ideal for garment fitting and tailoring, a shorter, flexible tailor tape measure belongs in any well-stocked sewing kit. Make the hobby tailors and home decorators among your clients happy by giving them a personalised tape measure. We also have tape measures of up to 5 m in length for construction sites and other projects that require measuring longer objects. A small keyring tape measure is ideal for everyone who needs to take a quick measurement on the go.


The requirements for tape measures as promo items are as varied as their fields of application. Accordingly, the useful devices are available across a variety of styles and lengths. Available in different colours, most tape measures are made of plastic. Before printing a tape measure, take your time and pick a product that best fits your target group and ideally shows off your corporate theme. Browse through our Tools & Equipment section to discover more practical giveaways that can be combined with a printed tape measure. For detailed information on the print and the minimum quantities, see the product page.