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There are various ways to design a trade show stand. Professional equipment can help you make your trade show a big success. Put your marketing message or design on a printed trade show counter, for example. This combines several advantages: The counter not only showcases your company in a professional light, it is also an ideal platform for product demonstrations, sales promotions and presenting information material, products or giveaways. Moreover, trade show counters are a great point of contact to engage with attendees. In addition to its sleek appearance featuring a black table top, round corners and a slightly curved shape, the trade show counter inspires users with its ease of installation that requires no tools. Shipped with a transport bag for the printed panel and table top, it is a breeze to set up the trade show counter at your next exhibition. And the best thing about our exhibition counter is that you can easily display a different graphic without having to purchase a second counter just get a replacement panel to showcase a new marketing message in no time.