Special accomplishments deserve recognition. Whether sports competition or anniversary, everyone is thrilled to receive a certificate. We print certificates already in small quantities. This makes certificate and award printing ideal also for private occasions. Do you remember how proud you were to receive that sports competition certificate back in primary school?


The special feeling of having achieved something motivates people and inspires them to deliver top performance in the future. Sports clubs can print certificates to honour young athletes or express appreciation for long-standing members. If you run an educational institution, you may design a certificate to present to successful graduates. Or you can print customized certificates for your child's next birthday party. For example, hold mini Olympics for the children and present a certificate to each participant afterwards.


You have no idea how to design your certificates yet? Then take a look at our gallery and let yourself be inspired by the numerous templates there. You can use the layout templates to create an artwork file in the correct file format. Subsequently, choose the material on which to print the certificates. You can select anything from standard art print paper to fine linen board or marbled cardstock. Additionally, different paper weights and sizes are possible from small and compact to large and impressive.

FAQs for Certificates

How do I create a particularly high-quality look for my certificates?

In order for you to get the most out of your print product, there are various options:

First, the choice of a certain font strongly influences the final style of the certificate. With curved fonts, for example, you might give the document a look that appeals to a somewhat older target group. Headlines can also produce a wow effect by using custom, elegant fonts - however, the readability of your artwork is more important than the mere appearance of the text. Thus, opt for a legible font size.

Second, the choice of paper plays a key role: luxury paper types with an unusual surface make for a beautiful feel - e.g. if you use linen, marble or hammered cardboard.

I would like to design the certificates all by myself - do I have to download freeware?

No. Our free templates give you everything you need to creatively design a beautiful end certificate of achievement. The templates are available for both, Photoshop and InDesign. Apart from that, you can find a large range of other templates online, which you can conveniently have produced by us after customisation.

What are the most common design mistakes?

Don't forget placeholders: depending on your intended use, certificates are often personalised only finally before they are handed out. Therefore, provide enough blank space for data such as...

  • First and last name of the person awarded
  • Occasion for the certificate
  • Place and date
  • Signature and legible name of the issuer
  • etc.
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