From small window flags and medium-sized wing flags, square flags or beach flags (drop flags) to large giant pole flags. Our online shop carries custom flags for every taste. We provide flag printing online solutions with your custom design and deliver the matching pole system, too.


In front of stores in the pedestrian zone, at the trade show booth in the exhibition hall or at the beach caf on the promenade: Personalized beach flags (drop flags) are eye-catchers which are great for both indoor and outdoor use! You can order beach flags in sizes S, M, L and XL in our online store. We deliver either the complete system, that is including a metal base, pole and printed beach flag, or just the flag. To stay flexible, you can print different designs on more flags to be exchanged as needed. The best thing about our beach flags is that they can be washed and ironed.


Pole flags are a must-have if you want to go really big. Whether with or without flag pole, we custom-brand your flag to attract maximum attention. Our pole flags feature two eyelets and an optional outrigger, available in five different sizes or to your size specifications.

FAQs for Flags

What cost range should I expect with this product?

Depending on the type of flag(s) and quantity you select, you can expect to pay anywhere between 10 for a custom flag and 265 for a Giantpole. You are free to choose and create your design and order anywhere from a single flag to an entire set for a special event. In some cases, you may even choose or customize the size of the flags. Feel free to browse through our selection and if you happen to have any further questions, contact us here.

Are these products suitable for mounting on lanterns?

Some of the flags, like the custom flags may indeed be mounted on lanterns. To make sure, check their description individually or contact our customer support.

Which types of fabric are available?

Currently, we only offer one fabric type for our flags, which is nylon. If you happen to have any special requests, please contact us here.

I need my custom flag at short notice is there a fast delivery option?

The fastest delivery option we offer for flag printing is currently 4-5 working days. Depending on their size, the number of flags per order and the type of flag, this can go up to 6-8 working days. Therefore it is advisable to put out an order for your logo or design to be printed at least one to two weeks in advance.

What is the correct HSN code for a printed flag?

The HSN code for printed flags is 1008 and the GST rate is 5%. You can find more information about this here.

Is there a certain wind speed at which the flags break?

Whilst it is not certain they will break, thanks to their exceptional fabric design, it is advisable that flags do not be used when winds go above 20 miles per hour.

Can flags be printed on both sides?

Flags are always printed on one side, as the motifs shine through on the other side. If you need advertising space that is printed on both sides, we recommend a blockout tarpaulin. This is opaque so that the motifs do not shine through.

Which type of flag is ideal for my purpose?

Arm mounted flags are designed for use on flag poles. They are easy to attach thanks to the pole pockets and strap. Our custom-sized flags can be used flexibly at different locations. Attaching the flags is made even easier when ordering optional eyelets. Beach flags are popular for trade shows and events as well as on the beach and in the pedestrian area. At five metres high, the giant pole flag is tall enough for everyone to take notice. This highly visible flag is impossible to miss even from a distance, making it ideal for festivals and other outdoor events. Window flags delivered with an aluminium system and suction cup are a great solution for shop windows. All flags are best kept indoors during storms and strong winds.
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