10 % anniversary discount on brochures – only until 30 April. Code: HAPPYBOOKLET10
10 % anniversary discount on brochures – only until 30 April. Code: HAPPYBOOKLET10

Pencils & coloured pencils


Printed pencils are ideal bulk giveaways. Their low prize makes them one of the most economical promotional gift options available today. It is true that you only have limited space to work with, but if done properly, you can say a lot in that small space. The package of coloured pencils provides even more space to put your message on. We carry crayons, coloured pencils and graphite pencils which we print to your specifications. The small and inexpensive promo items can make a big impact.


Printing bulk items such as pencils is a no-brainer. There is always use for pencils and they distribute more or less automatically. An abandoned wooden pencil will soon be picked up by the next person. As the pencil changes owners so does your logo making your brand known in the process. Just think of the many occupational groups you can print custom pencils for: Carpenters need one to make markings. Architects use them to hand-draft on paper. Office clerks grab them to write a sticky note. A promotional pencil ensures long-term exposure that will make your message sink in. As the sponsor of a party or facility for children in your area, you can print personalised pencils or crayons for the little ones. Custom-printed single pencils or a set of different coloured pencils are ideal for such purposes. Since many adults have become addicted to colouring books and mandalas for stress release and relaxation, they, too, will appreciate getting a set of coloured pencils.
PRINTING PENCILS: PRINT AND PENCIL TYPES We usually print your logo directly on individual pencils and on the case if you order a set of pencils. Pencils are usually printed in pad printing technology on the upper third of the pencils. For more information, see the detailed description of each product. To create a high-end gift for special customers and business partners, we carry custom-engraved executive pens such as writing sets in a case or classy metal pens with laser engraving. Our range of promotional pens contains many products that work great with your custom printed pencils. Everyone needs pencils. So let these affordable and effective promotional instruments work for you and share your message with a lot of other people. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to give your logo and company name some serious visibility.
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