Promotional stickers, A7

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Artwork information Promotional stickers, A7

  • Data format (incl. 2 mm bleed): 7,8 x 10,9 cm
  • Trimmed size: 7,4 x 10,5 cm
  • Special requirements for creating the artwork:
    • Please observe the following for stickers/films:
      • white elements cannot be printed
      • the lighter the print colour, the more transparent does the film seem
      • the motif is printed right-reading (self-adhesive side on the reverse of the motif)
      • if a motif is applied to the inside of a window to be seen from the outside, the print files must be created as mirror image.
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Include a surrounding trim of 2 mm, important information should be at least 4 mm from the edge of the final format size
  • Fonts must be completely imbedded or converted to curves
  • colour mode: CMYK, FOGRA51 (PSO coated v3) for coated paper, FOGRA52 (PSO uncoated v3 FOGRA52) for uncoated paper
  • Maximum colour application of 300 %
  • We will not check for spelling and/or typographical errors
  • We will not check for overprint settings
  • Transparencies created with CorelDRAW must be reduced
  • Comments will be deleted and not printed
  • Form field content will be printed

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Artwork information

Product details

  • Four-colour print on the front, reverse blank (4/0)
  • permanently adhesive
  • Note: white is not printable on clear stickers, i.e., any white areas in the print template will become transparent.
  • Important: for production-related reasons we cannot guarantee that the carrier material will be slit, especially for small sizes.
  • Indoor stickers: (suitable for indoor usage)
    • 73 gsm adhesive paper, matt uncoated, writeable, back side pre-cut
    • 80 gsm adhesive paper, glossy coated, back side pre-cut
    • 80 gsm adhesive paper, matt coated, back side pre-cut
  • Outdoor stickers: (suitable for outdoor usage)
    • waterproof 90 µm polypropylene film, glossy print with UV-cured inks
  • Important: The printing inks are not suitable for permanent outdoor use.