Greeting cards

Send heartfelt messages with greeting cards

Whether greeting cards, invitation cards or thank-you cards: In our digital age, it has become rare for people to receive actual printed postcards. But there are so many occasions on which to print and distribute custom printed greeting cards. Everyone loves to get a greeting card for Christmas, on their birthday or for no special reason at all. Not only friends and relatives will be delighted to receive a beautiful postcard or folded card business partners, customers and employees, too, appreciate getting a personalised message from you. Such cards don't have to be formal and matter-of-fact. Printing funny, provocative or emotional greeting cards is also a great way to promote your business or advertise a new product. Mailed in a matching envelope, your clients, business partners and staff will be delighted to find them in their mailboxes. An eye-catching design or punchy slogan is much more attention-grabbing than the standard "Thank you" printed on the card. And that is exactly the purpose of greeting cards: to generate attention. After all, attention has become a valuable commodity in today's fast-paced world.

Printing beautiful and personalised greeting cards

Our online shop offers a variety of options to design stunning greeting cards that will wow your friends, relatives, business partners or customers. Before you get cracking, however, you should give some thought to how you want to design the front of the card, the other pages and which message to communicate. Other important design aspects include the type of card, the size, the paper stock and finishing options. Choosing the right combination will make sure your greeting cards are remembered for a long time. Folded cards are popular to send greetings and congratulations on special occasions such as birthdays, baby showers, christenings, anniversaries or other events. They offer plenty of space to include compliments, a personal message and other important information. Needless to say that printed postcards can also be used as greeting cards. They are a good choice especially for less formal purposes, such as promotional campaigns, or when you are on a tight budget and no envelopes are needed. Print a bold and colourful design or photo front and centre to grab the attention of the recipient and put your message on the back of the postcards. We offer a wide selection of postcards and folded cards in our online shop in various standard formats and sizes. There are no limits to your creativity: We print your artwork on square or rectangular cards in portrait or landscape format, or if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, get your message across on round or oval greeting cards. Add a personal touch to your greeting cards and make them stand out from the crowd by choosing your perfect paper from our variety of high-quality stocks, including art paper, chromo board, recycled cardstock, Magic Chrome or any other (premium) paper. Each paper looks and feels different and creates a special impression. Add that certain something to your compliment cards by opting for an extra finish such as a matt or glossy film lamination, soft touch lamination or UV coating. Once you have customised your cards and are satisfied with the result, proceed to checkout by putting the cards in your shopping cart and buying them with a click of the mouse. Then lay back and let us do the work of printing your very unique greeting cards.

Quick and easy: greeting cards designed online

You have little experience in setting up artwork using professional layout programs? Or you just don't have a lot of time? Then use our intuitive and user-friendly online design tool. Make your own special greeting cards in just a few steps. There are two options for designing stunning greeting cards, thank you cards or invitations: You can conveniently design either classic postcards or premium folding cards in the online design tool. The professional print templates provided for both types of cards are available in A6 or DL format in landscape or portrait orientation and can be customised as needed. You can choose from a variety of templates to build your design from. All you have to do is customise the templates to your creative project, e.g. by adjusting colours, adding photos, images, your logo, a slogan and suitable text. You may also print additional business-related or personal information on the card such as your catchy slogan or address. Once you have tailored the design template of the card to your preferences, you will get the finished artwork and can proceed to checkout and order the matching envelopes while you are at it.
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