Print your message on paper with affordable rubber stamp printing

Stamps are valuable gadgets also in the digital era and indispensable in most offices. Perfect for stamping large quantities of documents, stamps can be used to endorse deliveries, release orders, add signatures and many more. The time-saving tools relieve you of the tedious task of having to write the same thing over and over again. Date stamps, for instance, are an efficient way to label incoming mail. Logo stamps are great for printed customer mailings and Christmas greetings. Or use a return address stamp to streamline your mailing process. Use a stamp to conveniently make thousands of repetitive impressions instead of writing the return address each time (as an alternative for those who don't use printed envelopes).

From wooden stamps to Trodat Professional

We have stamps in all shapes and designs. Our elegantly designed and appealing wooden stamps are available in different sizes: from long and narrow to circular depending on the application. The single-line version is ideal to put an "Approved" stamp on documents, whereas circular models are great to print designs on paper that are reminiscent of historic seals. But they are also well suited for logos. The matching stamp pads are available in different colours and can be ordered separately with these models.

If you use only one colour, you might want to go four a stamp with an integrated stamp pad. With the self-inking solution, we mostly rely on the proved and tested Trodat stamps which also come in various sizes and shapes including a circular model in two diameters.

What's special about Trodat stamps

The Trodat stamps allow you to order separate stamp plates. So you can continue using the stamps if individual details of the integrated address change. The replacement plates are odourless and laser-engraved. All Trodat stamps can be designed online quickly and conveniently with a few clicks. Just use the online design tool which you can access by clicking the corresponding button at the end of the product page. Create stamps that leave a professional impression.