Anniversary discount: Get 15 % off business cards – only until 31 July 2024. Code: HAPPY-BC-15
Anniversary discount: Get 15 % off business cards – only until 31 July 2024. Code: HAPPY-BC-15

Flyers & Leaflets


Which information should the flyers contain and where are they distributed? These two basic questions need answering when choosing the right flyer size. Fitting into any pocket, small sizes such as A7 or pocket format are ideal to give away in the street. You may go bigger at the point of sale, e.g. the bakery, hair salon or other stores. A5 or A4 flyers provide you with a lot of space to explain your message. To stand out even more, we recommend DL or DL Maxi flyers to advertise an event for example. Online flyer printing is a great marketing tool for any occasion. The most popular flyer printing dimensions here are A5 and A6.

The most common flyer sizes:

Flyer size Size in mm Required pixels at 300 dpi
A852 x 74 mm614 x 874 px
A774 x 105 mm874 x 1240 px
A6105 x 148 mm1240 x 1748 px
A5148 x 210 mm1748 x 2480 px
A4210 x 297 mm2480 x 3508 px
A3297 x 420 mm3508 x 4961 px
DL105 x 210 mm1240 x 2480 px


Art print paper is the most commonly used paper type in flyer printing. Its smooth surface reflects light better than other paper types and yields crisp colours that make images come alive. Recycled paper achieves a less vibrant colour finish, but is an environmentally friendly alternative. Plastic film provides the advantage of being printed with UV curing inks, making the flyers water- and oil-resistant and hence perfect for outdoor flyer campaigns. Which paper you choose ultimately depends on your flyers' purpose and where you intend to use them.


In online flyer printing, the paper weight, i.e. the density of the paper, is decisive for the flyer's feel. Thick, high-quality card stock gives the impression of strength and longevity. What is more, the good opacity prevents show through of text and graphics when printing on both sides. Card stock weighing between 135 gsm and 300 gsm is particularly well suited for classic flyer printing. Inserts can be less thick, ideally between 80 gsm and 250 gsm.

FAQs on product "Flyers"

Can I customize the size of my flyers?

You can customize the width (721 cm) and height (931 cm) of flyers printed on both sides.

Which paper types are best suited for flyers?

Thanks to its brilliant colour reproduction, glossy coated art paper is ideal for flyers where the focus is on the design. If you prefer a less elegant appearance with reduced reflection, you should choose matt art paper. To subsequently write or stamp on the flyers, we recommend uncoated papers, such as offset or recycled paper. To create rain-proof flyers, choose plastic film. If you need very sturdy flyers, cardstock is the right choice. An optional finish is available for selected paper types to add protection and create a special look for your creative project.

What is the bleed for flyers?

A 2 mm bleed must be observed for flyers. After printing, the flyers are cut to the final format. The bleed serves as tolerance for possible trimming differences. You should also pay attention to the safety margin: Important information should be at least 4 mm away from the final trim size.

How can I improve the haptic and visual quality?

If you're looking to create the most exquisite flyers for your marketing campaign, you might want to look at our Flyers & Leaflets with custom finishes. You can design a flyer with spot finish and highlight certain design elements or visual cues that customers should pay attention to. An all-over finish will not only confer additional protection to your flyers, but will also greatly improve the haptic response, conferring a more premium sensation. Have we garnered your interest? Start creating today.

Are there any discounts for leaflet bulk orders?

In many cases, we do offer our customers discounts on large orders. We are aware that some marketing campaigns might require a substantial quantity, therefore we allow customers to input their own number and offer a discount at checkout. Do keep in mind that a larger quantity could lead to extended delivery times, so planning is advised. We would also be happy to guide you through this process by reaching out to us here.
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