Anniversary discount: Get 15 % off business cards – only until 31 July 2024. Code: HAPPY-BC-15
Anniversary discount: Get 15 % off business cards – only until 31 July 2024. Code: HAPPY-BC-15

Corrugated plastic sheets


Custom-printed corrugated plastic sheets are ideal for advertising on large areas and implementing eye-catching marketing solutions on walls, construction fences and front doors. But also indoors the lightweight sheets turn heads and are quickly set up as an information sign, for example. Corrugated plastic boards are made of polypropylene, a recyclable plastic, and combine sturdiness with stability. If you order short print runs of corrugated plastic sheets, we will print them using state-of-the-art digital printing technology from a minimum quantity of one. Unprinted corrugated sheets are white. Polypropylene is a durable thermoplastic material. To make sure that your design will last a long time, the sheets are printed using UV curable inks.


Printed corrugated plastic sheets are particularly well suited for all kinds of outdoor advertising. The robust sheets will withstand the elements for a long time and showcase your message come rain or shine. Thanks to their light weight, the sheets are easy to transport and mount to fences and other surfaces. However, the lightweight panels are popular for indoor applications as well, for example as displays at conferences or trade shows. Thanks to the hollow honeycomb core, the sheets are both stable and lightweight. When ordered in large quantities, custom-printed corrugated plastic boards have a fluted core.

Using printed sheets is commonplace in the advertising industry. We print bespoke corrugated sheets, rigid foam boards, flexible foam boards and acrylic glass sheets.


We print your corrugated sheets on one and both sides in a variety of sizes. For poster-like advertising, standard sizes are best suited, but you can also go bigger with 100 x 2000 cm, for example. We offer our material in two different strengths and weights: 3-mm-thick 350 gsm sheets and 750 gsm panels in 5 mm quality. What is more, you can contour-cut the standard formats to implement any shape imaginable. Just set up the cutting outline in your artwork and submit it to us.

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