Whether writing, drawing, painting or jotting down ideas - notepads are multi-purpose tools for everyday use. Useful in all areas of life, writing pads come in handy in various situations. We offer notepad printing in various sizes, paper types and binding options to allow you to personalize your notepad. Our customers prefer glued A4 writing pads followed by wire-O bound A5 pads.


Our options for notebook printing online include glued or wire-O bound writing pads available in two paper types and four paper weights.
You can print a glue bound notepad in seven sizes and in landscape or portrait orientation including five square formats. A writing pad with glued binding allows pages to be torn out cleanly to be stored in loose-leaf or ring binders or lever arch folders.
Wire-O bound notepad printing is available in five versions. Wire-O binding available in silver, black and white has the benefit of keeping all your notes organized. There is no need to tear out or file pages. Wire-O binding allows for easy turning of pages that lie flat when opened.
No matter which binding option you choose, you can print notepads on offset paper or white recycled paper between 80 and 120gsm. You specify whether your notepad is ruled, squared or blank.


Carbon copy pads are ideal to create multiple copies of the same form. Carbonless paper has a wide range of applications and can be used for nearly everything from invoices to delivery notes, payment receipts and other forms. It is available as 2-part and 3-part sets. The original document is white and the copied pages are available in yellow or pink. Optionally, the receipt pad can be ordered with two or four punched holes.
Sticky notes are a great way to remember small things. You can custom print the self-adhesive notes with your design or logo, optionally add a soft cover or choose one of five die-cut shapes.

FAQs on product "Notepads"

Can I choose long edge binding instead of short edge binding?

You can specify the binding position of most notepads during product configuration.

Are the notepads delivered ruled or squared by default?

You define the layout of your notepads yourself. This means that you have to set up any ruled or squared designs when creating the artwork. To choose from a selection of ready-made paper layouts, you may design your notepads online.

Can I customise the number of pages of notepads?

It is not possible to customise the page count of notepads due to the production process. You may choose from different options, such as 50 sheets or 100 sheets.

Can I bulk order custom notepads?

Yes, you may also choose how many notepads you would like to have printed, as well as the size of the notepads. Feel free to also choose our data check option upon purchase this way, you can be sure that nothing that gets printed on your paper is misspelled or exceeds the size. Additionally, we offer samples, so that you can be sure that our quality matches your standards. Want your artwork printed on notepads, then help yourself and browse our page here.

What type of glue is being used for these products?

Our notepads use an adhesive padding glue, which offers the best of both worlds: its firm bound and also the ease of use for tear-away style notepads. You wont have to worry about leaving notes on other pieces of paper!