We celebrate and you save: 15 % off posters until 30 June 2024 – Code: HAPPYPOSTER-15
We celebrate and you save: 15 % off posters until 30 June 2024 – Code: HAPPYPOSTER-15



Brochure and booklet advertising is a highly efficient marketing strategy for a number of applications, from company presentation to product marketing. Whether multinational company, national SME or local association: Brochures and booklets are universal marketing tools. Classic A4 brochures are our customers' top choice here. All our brochures are printed on quality art print paper including stitched binding, wire-O binding or adhesive binding based on your specifications. Online brochure printing (short runs) is possible from one copy.


In our online shop, you can specify the type of binding for brochures and catalogues. All our brochures are either saddle stitched, loop stitched, wire-O bound or adhesive bound. Available binding types for catalogues are perfect binding or sewn binding. One thing is true for all types of binding: Each is durable and has its specific advantages.
Our customers prefer the saddle stitched option for up to 80 pages plus cover. Thanks to the staples, the brochure lies nearly flat when open so that all images and other graphics are visible. Moreover, staples are almost invisible.
But the other binding methods also have positives: Practical loop stitched brochures are simple to store in loose-leaf or ring binders or lever arch folders. Wire-O binding allows easy turning of pages and the pages lie flat when opened. Few pages can also be glued at the fold looking as though the pages hold together by themselves. If you want to include a lot of content, we recommendadhesive-bound catalogues.


If you need a large quantity of brochures or booklets, you may want to get an impression of the print result first. You can optionally order a control plot with each order. This is a printout on art paper which shows the sequence of pages, positioning and other features for verification. Also, you can order a title proof which is a true-colour printout of the title page on special proof paper.

FAQs on product "Brochures"

Can brochures also be printed in short runs?

Saddle-stitched brochures are already available from a single copy; spiral-bound brochures can be ordered in quantities of 10 or more.

Saddle stitching, loop stitching or glued fold binding? Which is the best binding technique for my brochure?

Saddle-stitch binding is a popular and reliable book binding method, e.g. for image brochures, magazines and periodicals across a variety of formats. The additional loop option enables the brochures to be filed and archived easily. Spiral binding is the ideal solution if your product (e.g. menus, training documents) gets heavy long-term use and should open a full 360 degrees and lie completely flat. Glued fold binding is a particularly cost-effective binding method for thin brochures and advertising leaflets in long print runs (from 10,000).

Saddle-stitch binding or perfect binding, which method is more durable for my product?

This depends on the page count and the paper weight. If you need a small number of pages, saddle-stitched brochures are often the best choice. We recommend perfect-bound catalogues for high page counts.

Can I order brochures with punched holes?

If you wish to keep your brochures in a binder, we recommend the additional loop option. Two or four punched holes are possible for catalogues depending on the format.

Will the brochure spine be grooved automatically?

This depends on the paper weight. We generally crease or groove the spine of brochures from 200 gsm.
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