Multi-page wall calendars


Print multi-paged wall calendars for your employee's offices or as a promotional gift for your customers and business partners. Branded multi-paged wall calendars are a much appreciated gift handed out by retail stores, banks and other businesses. To make sure that your wall calendars actually end up on your customers' walls, you should choose 13 appealing photographs or pictures that are not directly associated with your company but refer to it in a subtle manner. Or else you may run the risk that your carefully designed wall calendars end up in the trash bin because they are considered too intrusive. You will achieve the desired promotional impact by putting a small version of your logo on each of the monthly pages in way that won't bother your customers.

Our wall calendars are monthly calendars that have 13 sheets (with title page only) or 14 sheets (with title page and an additional page). Before printing your wall calendars, you have to decide whether you prefer wire-O or adhesive binding of the calendar pages. The first option gives you the choice between square and rectangular formats. When going for the latter, you can choose between standard sizes. All our custom wall calendars, whether wire-O bound or glued, are available in orders of 10 and more. Tip: Create great-looking calendars in no time using our convenient online design tool. Quickly upload the pictures for each month and immediately see the result on your computer screen.